February 2018

There has been something of a shake up with Jersey lenders this month, where keen jockeying for position has resulted in a much narrower band of choice when comparing the market-leading mortgage rates with the also rans.

January 2018

It is too early into the New Year to judge how the market will move, as there is always a flush of new activity in January, and this is likely to continue if Estate Agents receive more instructions from existing property owners, than has been the case in recent months.

November 2017

The pace in the market seems to have slowed, although demand remains quite high.

October 2017

The market seems to have cooled slightly after the summer recess, although agents tell us that they are still busy...

September 2017

The summer holiday break in Jersey seems to have lasted a long time this year.

August 2017

There has been a general slowdown in recent weeks, as the holiday season comes into full swing.

July 2017

There has been no change in the interest rates available from the leading lenders this month.

June 2017

There is evidence that the high level of activity that we saw at the beginning of the year and indeed throughout the first quarter has slowed down since Easter...

May 2017

The level of activity in the local housing market hasn’t fallen away except for the normal and expected reduction...

April 2017

For the first time in many months, there has been no change in any of our best rates...

January 2017

Mortgage interest rates remain stable, although economists will always warn of possible rate rises as the economy gets back on its feet.

September 2016

With the Brexit vote behind us, and with little apparent impact on the Island’s economy, the local property market has become much busier than is the norm for this time of the year.

August 2016

All eyes have been focused on the Bank of England, its reaction to the Brexit vote and the possible  shift in base rate, which has been pegged at 0.50% since April 2009. At the July 14th meeting of the MPC the Bank announced that base rate, for the time being anyway, would remain at 0.50%.  Despite this decision, it is possible that the cost of borrowing will fall during the next few weeks and there will be much for borrowers to take advantage of. 

July 2016

The British economy has been lack lustre in the lead up to the Brexit referendum, and the latest Cost of Living figure at 0.30% alarming, so economists have been busy making many projections as to what will happen depending upon the direction the country will have to take after the vote.

June 2016

The Jersey property market is steady, with little indication of price rises and with agents finally seeing properties going under offer that have been stagnant for the past twelve months. There appears to be a shortage of property in some categories, particularly the flats and houses that are mainly bought by First Time Buyers. Whilst this sector of the market has been much more active in the past eighteen months, First Time Buyers are now finding they have to compete with investors, some buying with funds from cash deposits that would otherwise be earning very little if left in the bank.

April 2016

Interest rates continue to fall and with over 180 different mortgage options available to Jersey borrowers there is plenty of choice.

March 2016

More reductions have been announced by Jersey lenders in the past few weeks, so making 2016 the year in which mortgage rates fell to the lowest that we have ever seen.

As the year progresses, we should see a slightly more relaxed attitude being shown by lenders who for the past two year have been severely restricted by newly introduced regulations and this means that mortgages could soon become available to more borrowers than at present.

February 2016

January is usually a busy month in the Jersey property market, as people return to work and start thinking of putting in place the plans they have discussed during the long Christmas break. Judging by our fully booked appointment diary since reopening in January, the footfall through the doors of The Mortgage Shop suggests we should be optimistic that 2016 is going to be very busy.

December 2015

Recent weeks have seen a high level of media comment on the UK economy, although there has been little or  no guidance in respect of how families throughout the British Isles should plan for their financial future.

November 2015

Mortgage lenders now have to follow a strict code of conduct, where affordability criteria governs how much can be advanced to borrowers. Whilst some lenders have found that they are restricted by the new rules, it is still possible to obtain mortgages that are roughly equivalent to gross income multiples that will range between four and a half times income up to somewhere in the region of six times.

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