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Q&A with Kerrie Carlyon

I am currently on a variable mortgage rate. I have read that rates may increase soon. What are my options?

Secure your dream home

In the current market purchasers who have already organised their mortgage will have a greater certainty of securing their dream home than somebody who has done nothing about that side of the transaction.

July 2017

There has been no change in the interest rates available from the leading lenders this month.

June 2017

Three of the rates in our chart have fallen this week, due more to market forces in the UK rather than any influence from the Bank of England.

March 2017

March continues to be a very busy month and we are being told by more and more clients that they are having to pay the asking prices for property with little or no chance to negotiate.

December 2016

It is good to see that the year is ending on such a positive note, with increased confidence in the community, exceptionally low mortgage interest rates, an active housing market and a halt to falling house prices. 

Bank Base Rate Drops

All eyes have been focused on the Bank of England and its reaction to the Brexit vote in regard to  base rate, that has been pegged at 0.50% since April 2009...

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