August 2017

There has been a general slowdown in recent weeks, as the holiday season comes into full swing. Potential buyers are all complaining about the lack of choice in the market below £1m in value, whilst it would appear to be a buyer’s market for higher value property, with discounts still being negotiated on some transactions.

In the current market purchasers who have already organised their mortgage will have a greater certainty of securing their dream home than somebody who has done nothing about that side of the transaction.

Whilst restrictions on borrowing placed by some banks can be tight, it is rare that we have to disappoint our clients, as there is usually a mortgage out there somewhere – it’s just a case of knowing where to look! This is where an established local broker, with extensive market knowledge holds the key. Five of the interest rates in our chart have fallen this month to even lower levels. So, whether you are planning your fi rst purchase, thinking of moving home, or just looking for a much better rate on your current mortgage, phone the Mortgage Shop on 789830 to book an appointment, pop in for a 5 Minute review during your lunch break, or check in on our website to find out just how much you might be able to save – you won’t be disappointed.

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