Financial Services

What are Financial Services?

Recognising that financial planning requires specialist advice, The Mortgage Shop created a separate business, staffed by specialists, qualified in financial planning and retirement planning and we created Henley Financial to manage our regulated business.

Financial planning is the process of making advance provision for financial needs that will arise in the future. The objective is to ensure that the right amount of money is available in the right hands at the right point in the future to achieve an individual’s financial objectives.

For example, it may be necessary to save for many years to create an adequate income in retirement. Parents may feel the need to make financial provision for their family if either parent dies young. Equally, people who are already wealthy may need to take financial planning steps now to ensure that their assets, including family businesses, pass to their heirs without difficulty or additional charges from taxation.

  • Life Cover
  • Critical Illness Cover
  • Income Protection
  • Long Term Savings & Lump Sum Investments
  • Retirement Planning
  • Pension Advice

The simplest financial plans may mean little more than making contributions into a suitable financial product and making clear who is to benefit from it. The most complex plans will involve detailed knowledge of law, taxation and investment principles

Employee Benefits:

  • Keyman Cover / Death in Service
  • Sickness Cover
  • Shareholder Protection
  • Pension Provision



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