March 2018

Activity has picked up again since the half term break, although the Easter holidays are likely to divert the attention of many possible purchasers for a week on either side. This window offers a great opportunity for buyers to browse the market with less chance of being out-bid or gazumped.

Everybody tells us that there is very little choice of available property, from one and two bedroom flats, up to two and three bedroom houses – a situation which is likely to continue until more property is placed on the market by existing owners.

Several of our Best Rates have moved up slightly, although the picture is generally one of stability, which suggests that lenders are waiting to see what happens during the next few months in the lead up to May, when it is predicted that the Bank of England will increase Base Rate, possibly to 0.75%. It is likely that fixed rates will start to move up in anticipation of a rate increase, although any increases will be modest.

As more fixed rate options come to an end, so existing borrowers are finding that it is very much to their advantage to look at what is available from other lenders, before re-fixing with their existing bank.

Whilst we make no promises, our team at The Mortgage Shop has achieved some significant monthly savings for clients enquiring about a re-mortgage, so call The Mortgage Shop before you lock into a new fixed rate – why not give us a call? We aim for a 100% success rate.

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